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Diverse business uses of gift cards and other prepaid debit cards


1) Customer promotions, coupons, rebates, and loyalty programs.​

2) Sales force incentives, including distributors and others in the sales channel.

​3) Non-sales incentives, including employees and others in your value chain

a. Recognition / appreciation / retention.

​​b. Active participation in wellness program.

c. Community involvement: recycling, ride-sharing, habitat, blood drive, United Way, tutoring or mentoring.

d. Completing training course or self-improvement project.

e. Customer lead or employee referral.

g. Idea / suggestion.

h. Safety record.

i. Attendance record.

j. Productivity.


k. Quality.


l. Customer service.


m. Team work.


Efficient and Creative, Non-incentive


1) Travel and entertainment.


a. Advances for those without corporate credit cards.


b. Emergency travel: e.g. loaned utility repair workers.


c. Relocation expenses.


2) Other purchases, especially those requiring a “card number.”


3) Benefits and payroll.


4) Government and corporate payments to individuals.

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