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Form an alliance to use supplier diversity to increase your  revenues and profits.  Team with us to sell your product to new customers, or expand with existing customers.

Supplier diversity - background

Most Fortune 500 type companies have supplier diversity programs and like to publicize how much they spend with women and minority owned businesses.


Seventeen US companies each spend over $ 1 billion annually with diverse suppliers.


The corporations typically have a goal to make 5% to 10% of their purchases from diverse suppliers.


The individual buyers often have supplier diversity objectives that are part of their performance review.


Companies are interested in supplier diversity for various combinations of reasons: satisfying government requirements, increasing revenues by being responsive to their consumers as the country's demographics change, reducing vulnerability to boycotts and law suits.


Often it is for a fairly simple reason: their corporate customers care about supplier diversity and supporting supplier diversity is a way to make those customers happy and increase sales and profits.

Supplier diversity - opportunities to partner to increase your sales

If your existing customers would like you to buy more from diverse suppliers, please contact us to discuss how we can help you efficiently make them happy.


Many of your potential customers may want to buy more from diverse suppliers.

Let's discuss forming an alliance to sell them your product instead of your competitor's product.


If you could use a creative, professional partner who knows supplier diversity, let's talk.


We are open to opportunities beyond prepaid cards.


Let's talk about ways to make you money!

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